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Epstein's Paint Center is synonymous with quality paint and supplies. We've been in business since 1895. You'll find a great selection of paint from some of the top brands including Pratt & Lambert, California, Rosco, Muralo, and Ronan Paints (Japan Colors). Whether you need paint for your home or business, we carry a huge selection.

You'll find a great selection of paint from some of the top brands including Rosco, Muralo, and California. We also carry painting supplies to make your painting project a success. Come to a shop that has been in business for over 115 years. Stop by today!

With the custom match technology used at our conveniently located store, you can match any color with our samples. We can also mix paint colors from most top brand-name paint manufacturers.

You'll find the highest quality stains and varnishes at our store. If you are unable to pick up your varnish or stain order, you can use our FREE delivery service.

If you are in the market for glaze or polyurethane products, we have a massive selection available. McCloskey is just one of the many brands you will find.

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Rosco Off Broadway Paint


Off Broadway is one of Rosco's most popular scenic paints. A palette of rich, matte theatrical colors in a

flexible vinyl acrylic binder makes Off Broadway paint perfect for almost any scenic or artistic application.

Off Broadway can be used straight out of the can or diluted with water to create beautiful glazes for finishes

which can be applied to virtually any surface in stagecraft including muslin, wood, metals, wallboard and

many plastics. Off Broadway is compatible with all other Rosco scenic paints. Available in 27 artists' colors

and 6 metallic colors.

Rosco Super Saturated Paint


Is a unique acrylic paint, packaged in concentrated form. It is designed to be diluted with water, at least 1:1

and as much as 15:1. With such tremendous extendibility, Supersaturated offers the widest range of effects

possible while being extremely economical to use. On porous and non-porous surfaces, Supersaturated

achieves vibrant, opaque color fields. It also creates bright, translucent washes where the color remains as

intense as aniline dyes, without the health hazards associated with dyes. Supersaturated Roscopaint is

formulated with a unique binder that gives it superior adhesion, durability, and flexibility.

Rosco Chroma Key Paint


Rosco Chroma Key Paints have been formulated with the assistance of video technicians throughout

the country. They are manufactured to provide the high luminance values and color saturation for

keying effects.

Rosco Tough Prime is a unique water based primer with special properties that allow

it to bond to the hard-to-prime materials found in every scene shop. Available in White

and Black, Tough Prime covers just about any surface, including PVC plastics, aluminum

and other metals, foams and plastics, muslin, wood, and foamcore. This quick drying

acrylic primer dries to a tough durable, water-resistant coating which can be painted

over with virtually any paint, water or solvent based.

Muralo Vogue Paint


A premium quality vinyl acrylic based interior flat finish in pure and vibrant high chroma colors especially

designed for use in theatre, film, television scenery and display. It dries fast in less than an hour to a rich,

velvet-like non-reflective matte finish. It adheres to any scenic surface without additives required by casein

or protein based paints. All Muralo Vogue Deep Colors can be intermixed for any hue, shade or tint desired.

Also, they may be used for tinting any other latex paint.


Muralo's Chroma Key Green and Blue Video Colors are formulated using state-of-the-art technology

They have been tested by the Muralo technical staff and TV. Studio technicians for correct luminance and

high resolution of R G B values for optimum operation of the Ultimatte™ Video System.

RedSeal® Interior Self-Priming Waterborne


Pratt & Lambert® RedSeal® Interior Self-Priming Waterborne is a premium quality latex wall coating that

provides excellent coverage and a smooth finish that’s amazingly durable and beautiful. Expect a high quality, washable and scrubbable finish with excellent hiding and easy application.

Envirotech Interior


Environmetally preferred commercial grade

Essentially no odor

Excellent application characteristics

High hiding, durable & washable

Available in all bases: Flat, Eggshell & Semi Gloss




Formulated with contemporary technology, Pacific combines ease of application with lasting beauty. Exceptional hide and spatter resistance make it a favorite of both homeowners and professionals. Choose from endless colors in flat, eggshell, or semi gloss finishes.

Flo Paint


For stage, television, movies, display, and interior design. A full line of colors can be tinted with poster colors

or with other vinyl paints. Comes in clear, flat and clear gloss as well.

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