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Let us help you create the scene

Whether you are designing for a movie, Broadway, or a high school play, we have the scenic paint supplies that you need. Our shop has been in business for over 115 years. Come to a family-owned business that is a trusted provider of quality scenic paint for set designers in the area.

You can count on us to understand the time constraints that many set designers face. You will find a large selection of paint products including Studio Photo White, Flo Paint, Rosco, Muralo, and Ronan paints. If you are short on time, we offer rush service and FREE delivery.

Rosco is one of the biggest names in scenic paint, and you'll find many of their products at our store. We also carry a matte white by Studio Photo White made exclusively for us.

If you are looking for tints, we have you covered. You will find we carry a great selection of custom scenic art tinting colors and Mixol Universal Tints. These tints are known for being the most concentrated available.

In addition to our vast selection of paints and tints, you will also find that we carry stencil paper, show cards, contact paper, gold leaf, aniline dye, brushes and

much more.

Paints Paint cans paint tins and tools


• Artist & Specialty Brushes

• Analine Dye

• Charcoal Powder

• Bronze & Aluminum Powders

• Gold Leaf

• Rottenstone

• Structo-lite

Miscellaneous Items:

• Contact Paper

• Stencil Paper

• Show Cards

• Fire Retardant Paint & Additives

• Hudson Sprayers

• Kraft Paper

• Faux Brick, Stone & Cinderblock Panels